LET IT SPARKLE: Motto Explained

let it sparkle

IT’S 2015! HAPPY NEW YEAR! *que party music and confetti

I am overly excited to be writing my first blog post for the new year… or Taylor Swift’s 1989 album is just hitting the spot right now. Okay, it’s both!

After reading a bunch of FB statuses, tweets, and IG captions that generically say, “2015 will be time for change” or “new year, new me” I decided to have a different mantra. Firstly, I never believed in any of these resolutions or “better me” stuff. I mean if it works for you, why not? But not for this girl. Secondly, I like to be a bit more truthful and realistic. I want it to stick. The new year literally happened just a few hours ago. Actually, it’s less than a day old. So I have no freakin’ idea what it will bring or if I will suddenly transform into Beyoncè or something (it’s free to dream, guys. Let me have this moment). I don’t have a plan for every single day this year. But what I do know is, it’s a clean canvas and a brand new start. What we can all pretty much agree on is that a new year gives off a sense of relief. We get to feel excited about beginnings again. Of course we will always remember the years passed, but the new year makes us feel invincible. And in light of this superpower, I took it upon myself to develop my motto for 2015: Let it sparkle.

After lighting up a few sparklers to say good-bye to 2014, I knew I was really celebrating 2015. I want my year to be full of light. I want it to be beautiful. I want it to continue to leave me in awe, as if I was looking at a sparkler move like party lights in the night. More than anything, I want to be the one to ignite it. I can’t depend on anyone but myself to let my sparkler beam. I hold the matches. In everything I do, I have to remember it’s my move that counts… and actually moving is what matters the most. I’m not going to have moments come to me, I have to make them happen. The only difference between letting something sparkle than saying I’ll be a new and improved person in 2015 is that it includes everything, not just me. I’m sure I will be different. I want to grow and discover a new creative element in me, but I don’t want to “change” me. As egocentric as it may sound, I like me. I think I’m awesome. But what makes a great person is their ability to adapt as well as grow from whatever life-path we turn into. And the first sign of a great person, is knowing one already is. From time to time, we must spice it up a bit to inspire those around us to break out of their shell and light one up (a sparkler, I mean).

Now, let’s not deny the fact that we will always experience the lows in life. This world is not made up of cotton candy and rainbow sprinkles. There are real life struggles.  Which brings me to my next point: the spark will burn out. There comes a point where you can be left in the backyard while it’s pitch dark and you wish the street lights were working. It’s difficult because you’re yelling at the people inside the house to turn the yard lights on but there’s so much noise they can’t hear you. You’re coughing because of the smokey air. You’re cold because it’s like 20 degrees and you are in a skirt. In that moment you’re not so happy. As for my other point: just start a new one. You should never even be in the backyard with just one sparkler. If you are, then you set yourself up for a bad time already. But don’t freak out, just go inside and party it up with the people you love. Now, they are your sparklers. And like anything that flickers, know that they will be there no matter the beat of the music. Depending on the kind of sparkler you have, some burn longer than others. Some just have more light. Nonetheless, it is what you make of it.

The events in our life can be inconsistent. When you watch a sparkler notice how some sparks jump. See how it can glow brighter and then softer in a matter of seconds. But remember how much in awe you were. That’s the exact feeling I’m going to add to every moment this year. Whether good or bad, with people I love or alone, I’m going to have that moment. I’m going to laugh, cry, and live because whatever it is that’s happening, is happening for a reason. I might not know that reason, but to entertain the fact that there is one is pretty amazing. That’s what  being in awe is. It’s wonderment.

So this 2015, I want it to be special. I want it to be another year of lessons and lessons learned. I want to help people hold their sparklers high. I want to always be the person who lights their own. I will make sure I keep it burning bright. I’ll be humble in the moments when my light burns low. I am going to make it through, like always. This year will be the year of a firework spectacular, with a few technical difficulties I’m certain, but a spectacular nonetheless. We have to own it, make it, and shape it. And once it’s all over, I will look back and celebrate it. I’ll look forward to more. Because a year is not what defines us, but everything we do in each moment of our lives  that will.

Prepare to light the match and let that sparkler shine.

Cheers to 2015! May we all be healthy, productive, and great.