Feminism Explained

OKAY. So this is me on a complete high (natural, non-herbal, non-narcotic kind). More like fired up because I just saw #FeministsAreUgly trending on Twitter. I’m literally giving you all my unfiltered, unedited thoughts on this because my emotions can’t take it. So, I apologize in advance for any horrendous grammar mistakes. Nevertheless, let’s get these thoughts out before my keyboard takes any further damage. But yes, this hashtag is causing my blood pressure to rise and some of the twatfaces who don’t know a single thing about feminism all of a sudden feel like they have the freakin’ presidential right to bash those who fight for equality.

First, let’s cool down a bit and define feminism.

Feminism is the advocacy of women’s economic, social, and political rights. It’s a movement to empower women and rid this Earth of its inherently misogynistic attitudes.  It is not an excuse for “man-hating,” it’s a conversation starter to a much bigger issue. Feminism is about EQUALITY.

I can’t believe the stuff that’s flooding my dashboard under this hashtag! Feminist are taking selfies and posting photos of Beyoncè and Emma Watson with captions like “if these are ugly feminist, then I don’t want to be beautiful.” I totally get it, let’s show the world how beautiful feminism can be in the most physical sense, because this hashtag is completely invalid in that argument. I agree! However, feminism is not about beauty.  The reason why Emma Watson is so successful in advocating for women’s rights is all thanks to her actions, NOT because she was the face of Burberry. This hashtag is (hopefully) satirical. Meaning, it’s used to actually deny the Western ideals of women’s beauty. If it’s to flip the switch, then it’s working. Feminism is used to uplift people, so I love that everyone is sharing their confidence and telling others they’re pretty. But lets not forget that feminism spreads a greater message: women are more than their physical features. This issue of women being sexualized and submissive is a tale as old as time. It’s a tale that sparked feminism in the  first place. It’s our way of giving misogyny the finger. We say screw the ideals placed upon us and show the world our power. If I have to fight crime in a little black dress, then I will. But just because I’m wearing a dress, doesn’t mean I won’t kick ass.

Then there are idiots who say, “there they go again, being a bunch of annoyingly angry feminists.” The amount of eye-rolling I’ve done while scrolling through the hashtag feed is insane. I feel like I’ve given myself a headache just by doing that. But then I realized it’s not the eye-rolling, it’s the ignorance that inflated these brain cells of mine. “Angry feminists” is such a common association to the movement. I’m not going to lie, I’ve witnessed a few “angry” feminists in my time but that’s because they are passionate. There is nothing wrong about being passionate! We need that kind of fuel to ignite conversations like this one. If Susan B. Anthony or Lucy Stone weren’t “angry” about the injustice being done to women, then our world would be a different place. There’s a fine line between complaining and informing. You must know the difference before you simply brush off what someone is saying or doing. Instead of calling out angry feminists, why don’t you search the web and give yourself a history lesson as to why what is being said is important. Think about it.

This bit is specifically to the men out there. You don’t have to be female to be a feminist! Like I said, this is about equal rights not “who gets what.” It’s a collaborative effort to put the rights of women in the forefront. Let’s face it, men have it better than women in this world. It’s proven. But let’s also compare the past to the present. We’ve come so far and things have changed. To pave the path to a more gender-equal society, men have to learn the art of sacrifice. Some of you need to let go of certain privileges, step alongside women, and realize that the throne you sit on isn’t perfect. I think that some men are great. But if anyone, was to abuse their power, know that I will call you out. Females argue better than men, remember that. 😉 Jokes aside, if you still believe women are less capable of doing a man’s task, I highly suggest you reevaluate your life. Have a conversation with your mother. Ask your sister how she feels. Maybe actually talking to a female would put things into perspective. To the men who have the balls to stand against injustice towards women and strongly believe in gender-equality, know I’m sending you a hug. We aren’t asking you to fight our battle, we are asking you to support us in it. I know that if men were being mistreated, I’d want to step in and show you that you are not alone.

Ladies, you should be thanking feminists. How can you smack-talk other women for fighting YOUR fight? Why can’t we just unite for once? Females are competitive. GREAT! But sometimes, other females just want to bring a sister down. Know your roots and realize that this negative energy you’re giving off isn’t helping.  We owe a lot to the past women movements and should want to keep that tradition alive. In moaning about feminism, you disregard your ability to even have access to education, own any kind of property, or even buy a Starbucks latte in the morning. Our lives could have been different. You could have been born in a time period where you didn’t have any rights. There are other countries to this day, where women are treated even more brutally than in the one you live in now. I urge you to shed selfish behavior and think about those less fortunate. If you don’t want to have these rights, at least allow the message of equality to spread to the countries who desperately seek it. Think, if you were stripped of your rights, how would you feel?  Would you even have a right to complain?  How can you accept being silenced? You wouldn’t be able to have social media accounts or post selfies. The little things you enjoy now wouldn’t exist if you weren’t given the right.

I could care less about who started this hashtag. What I’m more interested about is the action it sparked. It’s so important to have this conversation. As much as we’ve progressed from the past, we have a long way to go. The fight isn’t over. There’s still work to be done. The load would be a lot lighter if people would come together instead of tear each other apart on the Internet. Educate yourselves. Support one another for the good of all. To talk about feminism, also opens the conversation regarding other social issues and movements.